Beauty Pageant Rules

A beauty pageant is a competition that seeks to select the most beautiful woman. It typically features several events, including a swimsuit competition and an evening gown. It also often includes a talent performance and an interview. These events are judged by a panel of experts. The winners are awarded a title and other prizes.

The first beauty contests were photographic and publicized in newspapers in the 1850s, and bathing contests became popular in the 1880s. However, it was not until 1921 that the first modern Miss America pageant took place. That event was a response to the cultural anxieties of twentieth century America about the role of women in society. It was based on the notion that a virtuous, unmarried woman is the most desirable.

Some beauty pageants work in a stair-stepped model, with the winner of a local competition advancing to a county or state competition, and so on. Contestants may also advance to a national competition. This model is popular among teenagers and young girls who are interested in the possibility of becoming a beauty queen.

A person who is competing in a beauty pageant should choose a hairstyle that is flattering to her face and body type. She should also pick a gown that accentuates her best features and camouflages her flaws. The contestant should also be punctual at all pageant scheduled events and avoid behavior that could be considered disruptive or ill-tempered before, during and after the competition. It is also important to choose a talent that the contestant feels confident performing.