Beauty Pageant Judging Criteria

Beauty pageant judging criteria are the guidelines by which judges evaluate delegates in their competition. Directors should create a set of criteria that are clearly explained in advance and provide training to their judges on how to score each area. They should also ensure that judges are not familiar with delegates or have any conflict of interest (i.e., the judge has coached or is under contract with a delegate for modeling or promotion).

The overall first impression a contestant makes is evaluated based on her personal presentation, confidence and poise. This includes her choice of hairstyle and makeup, attire and jewelry for the specific competition. The judges want to see that the selection of clothing is age appropriate, compliments her figure and reflects a fashion sense. This does not include the designer or cost of an outfit; a custom designed dress and a store bought dress may be equally as successful if they fit well and look great on the delegate.

In the interview, judges look for a contestant who is well prepared and articulate in her response to a question. This includes her ability to think on her feet and remain composed during the media on-stage interview. In addition, the judges are looking for a contestant who is well groomed and has a beautiful smile.

In this category, the judges are looking for a contestant that is a good representative of her community and who has a platform that she believes in. The judges are listening for a response that is intelligent, relevant and inspirational to the community.