Beauty Pageant Jobs

beauty pageant jobs

Many people may think that a dazzling crown and high pay come with the territory when it comes to beauty pageants, but what not everyone realizes is that there is plenty of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. From the initial recruitment and preparation, to event day responsibilities, there are a wide variety of jobs that make up the world of beauty pageants. And while the pay ranges, all these job titles are important in making sure that the pageant is a success from start to finish.

A beauty pageant coordinator is the person who works with contestants to get them ready for competition. She advertises the contest, creates and distributes entrance forms, determines the amount of the contest entry fee and puts together contestant information kits. She also handles all national marketing and media relations, as well as helps in planning the pageant from start to finish.

She also liaises with sponsors, donors and volunteers to line up prizes for the winners, according to Profitable Venture Magazine. She also hires an emcee and puts together a script for the night of competition.

In addition, she helps all contestants with their wardrobe and make up, and teaches them how to walk the ramp during their interview and talent segments. She also takes care of all the behind the scene tasks like preparing a list of potential questions for the judges, booking travel arrangements and arranging for any special events.