Midoriya and the Gang Go to the Beauty Pageant

As the Cultural Festival begins, Midoriya and the gang attend the Beauty Contest, where eight female students from different years and departments show off their beauty and abilities. Among the participants is Itsuka Kendo, a member of Class 1-A’s rock band, as well as two-time winner Bibimi Kenranzaki from Class 3-G. Itsuka parades herself on a catwalk, showing off her impressive martial arts skills, while Bibimi shows up riding a giant tank shaped like her own head for the talent part of the pageant.

Despite her seeming narcissism, Bibimi proves that she does have a good heart as she puts the pageant aside to help out her seniors in the Support Course. Mei Hatsume comes to her for help finding a remote control for one of her inventions, and Bibimi gladly assists her. She also shows that she’s not above commending others despite her appearance as she congratulates Nejire Hado on winning the U.A. Miss Con title for the second time.

Meanwhile, Izuku is preparing for his fight with Gentle Criminal and La Brava. When they’re done, Eri tries to enlist him for the pageant’s battle of the ages, but Izuku is reluctant. He reluctantly agrees after Eri gives him a candy apple she carved herself as a way to thank him. The battle is a nail-biting one, and eventually the winner is announced: Nejire Hado!