Choosing a Custom Pageant Gown

custom pageant gown

When it comes to choosing a gown for the evening wear portion of your pageant competition, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Not only must you choose a dress that fits your body type, but it should also complement your makeup and hairstyle. Then there are the accessories and shoes to consider, too. Choosing the right gown is a critical step in making a great impression on the judges and will make or break your chances of winning.

The latest fashion trend in pageant dresses is “less is more.” Simple cuts and understated embellishments are taking the spotlight. This allows the tailoring of each dress to shine, highlighting the natural beauty of the wearer. Stunning hues like royal blue, deep reds and emerald greens add pops of color and texture.

Many pageant retailers have in-house seamstresses on hand to provide a customized fit. These dressmakers are able to add or remove straps, make hemlines shorter or longer and even tuck in or take out a bustle. They can also create a custom gown for your specific needs, whether you want to look elegant or sexy on stage.

Local consignment shops can be a good resource for pageant gowns as well. They tend to offer more variety in sizes than larger department stores and can often give one-on-one attention if you schedule an appointment ahead of time.