Beauty Pageant History – Miss USA is crowned the “Pages” Classic!

Beauty pageants have been around for as long as there have been pageants. They first appeared in the 16th century and they were a competition to see who could produce the most beautiful contestant. Beauty pageants have been known to be quite theatrical, which is part of the reason why they have become such a well-loved and entertaining event. The pageants have evolved over the centuries into what we know them today. Many of the pageants that we are familiar with today began as pageants for children, where the contestants would show off their best features and the judges would decide who the winner should be. The pageants were also known to be a way for young women to find love at first sight or to find someone who was eligible to be married.

beauty pageant history

A Beauty Pageant History is quite important when trying to decide the meaning of beauty pageants. For example, Miss Texas is known to have won the first beauty pageant ever, while Miss Universe later won four more before finally being dethroned by Miss World. There are many different pageants from around the world, all with their own definition of beauty. All pageants use a system of judging to determine who the winner is and how they should be crowned.

The word “pageant” comes from the word” Pomona”, which was Latin for beauty. While pageants were first designed for young women, they later began using the word to describe other contests. Some people believe that the word “pageant” came from pageants being used in Roman wars. Others believe that the term came from pageants that were held in England and that the word eventually became “beauty pageants”. One can speculate on this beauty pageant’s history however whichever side you fall on, it is a fascinating event that we enjoy today. Many different styles of contests are held all around the world, so there is no limit to the beauty pageants that are out there.