Beauty Pageant Funny Answers

beauty pageant funny answer

Miss Teen South Carolina’s embarrassing stumble during a question on the American education system went viral, but she isn’t the only beauty pageant contestant to make an awkward answer. Here are the worst beauty pageant funny answers to ever grace the Internet. Some of these silly responses are so bad they make people cringe, but they’ll guarantee a good laugh. You’ll be able to chuckle every time you watch these videos, but be warned: some of these videos are not for children.

It’s no secret that the beauty pageant is a lot of fun. But the contestants’ responses are sometimes a bit cringe-worthy. These moments of awkwardness don’t just happen once, but they often happen over again. The following awkward answers are just a few examples. While some answers might make you cringe, others might be funny for the audience. Here are some hilarious beauty pageant jokes to try to crack the toughest question at the contest:

There’s no shortage of awkward beauty pageant answers. Some contestants stutter or fumble when answering a question. While these may be hilarious, they are also very embarrassing. Here are some of the worst. If you want to win a pageant, don’t give your interviewer a boring answer. Be funny instead and make the judges cringe! There are no rules for a funny answer.