Beauty Pageant Essay

When one hears the word beauty pageant, one immediately thinks of women in extravagant outfits with lots of make up and hair spray strutting their stuff for judges and audience members. These shows are usually entertaining and they attract a lot of viewers, but there is much more to beauty than the way a woman looks.

The beauty pageant contest has become a big business and is popular worldwide. People have different opinions on the matter, some claiming that it promotes a false ideal of femininity and others saying that it confuses societal morals and exploits women. The beauty pageant industry is a lucrative venture for companies selling cosmetics, and it entices children to participate in the competition. Despite the controversy, the pageant has continued to evolve and is more than just a physical competition. It now includes competitions for talent and character. In addition to the main prize, winners are awarded with various scholarships for further their studies.

Regardless of the different opinions, many parents allow their kids to join beauty pageants. However, most of them lack adequate knowledge of the severe effects that may be incurred by their children. As a result, they are not aware of the fact that children who take part in these events can experience depression and stress. They can also lose their interest in education, which is detrimental to their future careers. In addition, they can be exposed to predators who may exploit them for their own personal gains.