Beauty Pageant Hacks to Help You Win the Competition

Beauty pageants are a great way to make friends, show your talents and compete for a crown. But they can also be overwhelming and stressful. Here are some beauty pageant hacks to help you win the competition and have fun.

1. Don’t over-do your makeup

Even the most beautiful pageant contestants can be a bit over-the-top with their makeup. A few subtle shades on your eyes, lips and cheeks can give you a more natural look without being too obvious.

2. Pick the perfect gown to suit you

A great beauty pageant gown accentuates your best features and camouflages any flaws. Try on different gowns to find the one that fits you best and makes you feel confident.

3. Use a hair style that complements your complexion and personality

The beauty pageant scene is all about displaying your natural beauty, so be sure to choose a hairstyle that compliments your complexion. A soft up-swept style, for example, is great for people with coarse or fine hair and can still look elegant on stage.

4. Wear a swimsuit that flatters your body type

A beauty pageant is a great opportunity to show off your curves and physique, so choose a swimsuit that suits your unique shape. Some pageants have strict standards about what swimsuits and evening gowns are acceptable, so be sure to check them out before you enter the competition.

5. Apply makeup that is suitable for the stage

When it comes to beauty pageant makeup, many pro competitors swear by a few simple techniques that can instantly enhance your features. These tricks are sure to have you looking like a runway model in no time.