Why Do Beauty Pageant Falls Happen?

There is a lot of debate in the media about what causes beauty pageant falls, but the answer may be as simple as the fact that women are often more physically fit than men. In the ancient Greeks, the beauty pageant dates back to the age of Olympians. There was a battle between the goddesses, and the winner would win the hand of Helen, a prize worthy of an Olympian. The first beauty pageant was held in Athens, and there were some bizarre events that took place in this event.

beauty pageant falls

One of the most recent falls occurred during the preliminary evening gown competition of the Miss Universe Philippines. Miriam Quiambao fell during the competition, but immediately recovered and walked with poise. In the aftermath, the cafe owner donated 500,000 baht to help cover the contestants’ medical bills. Despite the fall, the winner still received heartfelt applause for her performance. The owner of the cafe also promised to pay for the clean-up of the girls’ dresses.

The old-fashioned beauty pageant model has been criticised for being out of touch with the current market competition mechanism. In the past, the finalists were all essentially the same, and they lacked diversity, but in reality, there was no gender distinction. The contest’s aim is to showcase the intelligence and diversity of women. The United Nations has adopted a call for gender equality, but it was not enough to change the beauty pageant format.