Beauty Pageant Flippers – Pros and Cons

Flippers aren’t just for little beauties. In fact, they can be used by any adult to cover missing teeth, including baby teeth. Originally, flippers were designed for babies to hide missing teeth, but now these denture-like prosthetics are popular among older women as well. This is a good thing for parents who worry about their daughters’ egos. The following is a list of pros and cons of beauty pageant flippers.

beauty pageant flippers

Dental flippers can cover small, yellow, or blemished teeth. They can also hide blemishes. Contestants wear dental flippers if their teeth are falling out. Upper and lower dental flippers usually cost $175 each, but you can get them at the same time for $300. For a lower set, the cost of flipper impression kits can be as low as $175. If you plan to buy upper and lower flippers, you should be prepared for a couple of dental visits.

Another reason why dental flippers are popular is that they make it easier to compete. The top three winners in each category may receive a gift certificate from a nearby store. These gifts are a great incentive for the children to enter pageants. But a small mistake can make anyone lose the chance of winning. A lack of confidence can make even the most beautiful girl lose her chance of securing a high-profile career.