What Colors Should I Wear For My Next Pageant Of Beauty?

When choosing your next gown for your upcoming Pageant of Beauty pageant, you may be wondering “What colors should I wear for my Pageant of Beauty?” The answer is simple, choose something in a pastel or a shade of yellow. Yellow dresses are usually worn by brides who are trying to project a sunny disposition and by having a sunny appearance, the judges will like your sense of style! Pastels are usually used for floral, pastel colors such as white, lilac, pink and light green. They make beautiful colors and are easy to team up with various accessories and styling pieces, such as bridesmaid dresses, hair accessories, jewelry, purses and shoes. For instance, let’s say you are wearing your LBD (little black dress) with a yellow corset and turquoise necklace, you’ll look absolutely radiant.

pageant gowns yellow

Another choice for a pageant dress in yellow is a bright yellow Jacquard dress. If you want a little more drama in your dress, add some beading along the hemline. For added versatility, let the color palette out on your accessories and shoes. Let your hair fall loose over your shoulders in a loose yellow bun. Chiffon dresses are great for Pageants because of their ability to show off your shoulders and your hairstyle. Wear your hair swept to the side and chunky crystal bracelets will complete the look.

No matter what type of pageant gowns you choose, remember to pick something in a pastel color. This is what judges will notice about you first and it’s the best color scheme to use if you are having a formal interview. If you are not sure what color to choose, consult an experienced friend, family member or fashion consultant. They can give you advice based on their own personal color scheme and style taste. Choose the shade of yellow that you love the most; one that makes you feel confident, outgoing and beautiful.