Parks and Recreation – Beauty Pageant

beauty pageant parks and rec

Beauty Pageant is the ninth episode of the second season of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. This episode introduces the characters of Leslie, Amy Poehler, and Aziz Ansari as the judges of a Miss Pawnee beauty pageant. As the contestants enter, April tries to get an advantage by sucking up to Leslie. However, she is surprised to learn that police officer Dave Sanderson visits the pageant, and she finds out that she has been cheated on twice!

The series begins with an episode about a local beauty pageant in Pawnee, Oklahoma. Leslie and friends are a part of the judging panel, and they each have their own ideas about the ideal woman. The show follows Leslie and the other judges as they attempt to decide the winners of the pageant. Once the judges have been selected, the contestants are crowned. They compete for prizes, which include a date with a handsome man.

The episode ‘Media Blitz’ is the 23rd episode of Parks and Recreation and features an appearance from Leslie’s past. Leslie is preoccupied with a possible budget cut from the state auditor, which she’s dreading. Alan, meanwhile, reveals a secret about Chris Traeger’s cadence and the origin of the famous tagline, “Ann Perkins!”