Pageant Gown Designers

pageant gown designers

There are many pageant gown designers, but Sherri Hill is the most popular. Her designs are flattering and have something to suit every woman, regardless of her age, body shape, or pageant level. She always has her finger on the pulse of women’s style and wants, and this shows in her designs. She also has an eye for color and style, resulting in gowns that are unique and stunning. Listed below are some of the most popular pageant gown designers.

Miss Indonesia Maria Harfanti was a recent pageant contestant who wore a strapless ivory sequined gown with a gathered tulle neckline. Although it was pretty, it was hard to resist the tacky accessories and the cheesy lingerie. Her dress is reminiscent of a cheap stripper’s costume, with silver paillettes and clunky nude platform heels. Miss Guyana Niketa Barker looked a little cha-cha in her silver mermaid gown.

Another designer to avoid: Choosing a designer that specializes in making pageant gowns that fit the body type. Miss Venezuela’s Genesis Saavedra wore a Douglas Tapia gown, which screams “mermaid princess” gone wrong! A designer’s vision of a beautiful woman isn’t just a dream – it’s also a reality! But pageant gowns need to be functional and fashionable.

One of the best known pageant gown designers is Fernando Wong. Wong has created gowns for pageants and Hollywood stars. His designs are often flamboyant and elegant with low necklines and backs. He focuses on fit, and his gowns hug the waist tight but leave room for her hips and bottom. The result is a gown that is both voluminous and slinky. The designers behind these designs are well worth checking out.