Is Beauty Pageants Really Important to Venezuela’s Chavez?

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has chosen to address a United Nations Security Council session on Beauty Pageant Venezuela. Why? Some say that he needs all the international media’s attention, while others have speculated that he might have something to do with the recent violence that the nation is facing in its internal affairs.

beauty pageant venezuela

No matter what the reasons are, one thing is clear…Venezuela’s beauty pageants will be newsworthy. And when they do appear on CNN or other such media, we will be able to see exactly what goes on there. This could not be bad for the Chavez Administration, as they seem to be doing everything they can to portray themselves as a bulwark against the economic crises across South America. But, one wonders if their re-naming of the entire Bolivarian Alliance, which is also known as ALBA (Al Bolivar Republic of Venezuela) was done in error. Many are criticizing this move, as it seems like they are confusing everyone with their own political ideology.

It does appear that they have chosen the wrong name for their new “alliance,” although it is not widely known that nation it should replace the current ALBA name with. Either way, it appears that the whole concept of beauty pageants in Venezuela has been messed up somehow, perhaps by those same revolutionary “Chavezistas.” Whatever the case, I hope you will please consider this. Indeed, I hope you will consider all this and think on it. I certainly hope you will consider all this and think on it.