Beauty Pageants – She Does It With Her Beauties

If you are looking for a beauty pageant movie comedy, you are in luck. Pageant movies have proven to be very popular with women of all ages. In fact, the Beauty pageant movie has become one of the most successful comedies of recent years. The movie boasts an ensemble cast that is sure to please women of all ages and is sure to hold your attention from start to finish.

beauty pageant movie comedy

The plot of the movie revolves around 15 beautiful young women who become members of the “Pageant”, a competition that features teen beauties in an attempt to become the next Ms. Universe. Miss Universe is a title that is earned by the winners of each of the pageants. Each contestant will compete in the Miss World contest, which is held in various cities throughout the world. Once the contestants are selected, they will then begin a journey to win the title. The beauty pageant film debut features several entertaining characters, which will make you laugh from start to finish.

This movie was directed by Reese Witherspoon, and stars Reese Witherspoon, Ashanti, and Nicole Kidman. In my opinion, this beauty pageant film debut is a great choice, which not only holds your attention from beginning to end, but also leaves you craving for more of the same as the credits run down. For a movie that only cost $9 million to make, and will only get me so far, I give Beauty Pageants: She Does It With Her Beauties!