Beauty Pageant Award Types – Best in Show!

Beauty pageants are fun events for all of the contestants, which is why there are so many beauty pageant award categories to pick through. There are several different types of categories that you can pick your trophy out of and I’m going to talk about a few of them here. The first one we’ll talk about is the personality award, which usually consists of two different prizes. The first one is the best friend award, which is presented to the contestant with the most votes. The other prize comes in the form of a special item, which can either be a travel package or a day at a spa. The winner of this category gets to keep the item.

beauty pageant award categories

The next type of beauty pageant award categories is the special awards category. These include a variety of different items. For example, one could get a plaque for being the best team leader, or another special award such as a trip to Hawaii for the judges. Other special awards consist of getting a new haircut, receiving a manicure, or even being given the chance to create an original song for a song contest. There are many different types of specials that these pageants offer, so make sure to look into what some of those are before heading out to the event.

The last of the beauty pageant awards I have for you today is the best team award. There are many different categories for this one, but the main award is presented to the contestant with the most votes. This usually goes to the contestant with the most style and overall appearance. There is also a time limit for these pageants, so make sure to check out that before heading out to find your own special trophy!