Beauty Pageant Answer Fail

beauty pageant answer fail

Every beauty pageant has a question and answer round. But some of the questions can be awkward and even embarrassing. Here are some of the most common mistakes and cringe-worthy answers. Hopefully, you’ll learn from these mistakes. These are the worst beauty pageant answer fails. Read on to learn from other contestants’ mistakes! We’ve listed a few below. You may even be surprised by one of them!

Awkward beauty pageant answer is common, but you don’t have to be the next Miss America. It can happen to anyone! We’ve all seen awkward answers during beauty pageants, and the best way to avoid them is to think about how you’d answer the same question in a different situation. This way, you’ll know what to say. Remember, you’re the only one who can answer this question!

Awkward beauty pageant answer is common, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some common questions and answers that always make people cringe. Take Miss Utah’s 2013 response to the question about gender inequality, Miss South Carolina’s geography fail, and the gay marriage question that Miss California answered during the competition. This type of awkward beauty pageant answer will probably make you cringe, but these questions are funny and often make the contest entertaining.